Call for Abstracts

These sessions/topics will focus on manufacturing technology for metals, electronics, composites, advanced manufacturing enterprise, energetics/munitions, bio-manufacturing/biomedical, and manufacturing readiness. With special topics on manufacturing institutes, cyber security, emerging innovative manufacturing sciences, technologies, and policies.

The audience of the conference is made up of government, industry, and academia, ranging from CEO-and Flag Officer/SES-level to working-level manufacturing-oriented engineers, scientists, business practice/policy makers and technology implementers, system designers, and representatives of the warfighters.

Abstract Topics

Abstract Topics coming soon...

Online Submission

Submissions will open late Spring


Critical Deadlines

Abstract Submission Aug 31
Abstract Notification July 31
Final Presentation Submitted Nov 18


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Submission Rules

All submissions must comply with the following guidelines. Failure to observe these requirements may result in a rejection of the abstract.

  1. Abstracts are solicited on topics that are controlled by U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and cannot be presented in completely open forums. All abstracts must be unrestricted and cleared for public release.
  2. Click on the topics listed to thoroughly review the requirements of each session and determine the best topic that fits your abstract (submissions uploaded to wrong session/topic could cause for rejection). Conference committee may determine though that your abstract fit better in another session and move abstract.
  3. Abstracts should be between 200 - 500 words
  4. Abstracts should include a concise description of the content, conclusions, and significance of the proposed presentation.
  5. The abstract field will only accept text. Do not provide abstract title, authors, or any other information other than the abstract in this “abstract” field.
  6. Abstract Title, Author, etc. are to be provided on the abstract submittal form, not in the “abstract” field.
  7. Submit abstracts through the online process (no other means of submittal).
  8. Presenting authors must be approved from their management to attend, and understand that the registration fee is required. Due to the large number of technical speakers associated with the Conference waiving fees or offering discounted fees are not viable for the conference.
  9. Confirmation email will be sent out after the abstract is successfully submitted and processed. If you have questions or problems with your submission, contact or the conference help desk.


Helpful Tips for Writing Abstracts

Be Clear…Be Clean…

When writing your abstract make sure you address key elements of your presentation.

  1. Quality of Abstract – Shows indicative quality of the final presentation at the conference.
  2. Be concise – Stay within the allotted word count. Reviewers are reading many abstracts and long abstracts are not looked at fondly. Address specific items.
    • Succinct Statement of WHAT is the problem (1-2 sentences preferred)
    • HOW is the approach NOVEL to solving the problem
    • WHY the work is important to the Warfighter (enables greater range, lower cost, new capability?)
  3. Originality of Work – Is it a Hot Topic? Represent new information?
  4. State the thesis, synopsize the presentation, tease the conclusion
  5. Usefulness of Work – Benefits and widespread applications/ anything new that otherwise would be ignored
  6. Failures can be as edifying as success stories
  7. Presentation – No sales pitch
  8. Avoid extraneous jargon, over-the-top phrasing and writing too broad about the Topic
  9. Keep it Simple


Selection of Abstracts

In general, the abstract committee evaluates the abstracts on the following basis:

  • Clarity of Presentation: Does the abstract clearly define the topic, scope, and methodologies?
  • Argument: Does the abstract clearly lay out the technical argument?
  • Theme: Does the abstract follow the session focus?