DMC Exhibit FAQ

Exhibit FAQ

$3,600 per 10'x10'

All fees are due 30 days within submittal of application. If registering within 4 weeks of the conference, payment must accompany application.

  • Attendee networking functions in the Exhibit Hall
  • Company/Organization listing on Website
  • Listing on interactive Exhibit Hall Layout with links to Company/Organization website
  • Company/Organization contact information and Exhibitor description listed on Conference website
  • Three (3) Exhibit only staff badges per each 10' x 10' booth space
  • Exhibition Security
  • Standard 8-foot back drape and 3-foot side drape
  • Access to the Arctos ProLead App
  • Exhibitor Service Manual

Exhibitor move-in will begin on Sunday, December 10 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Unfortunately, there are no Attendee registrations that come with the booth. If you want a staff member to be able to attend any sessions, they will need to sign up under the Attendee registration link.

Each 10x10 booth includes 3 staff member exhibit hall only badges. Additional staff member exhibit hall only badges are available at $500 each.
Exhibitors have the option to upgrade each of the staff member exhibit hall only badges included with their booth (3 per 10x10, 6 per 10x20, 12 per 20x20, etc.) for a discounted fee of $495.00 each.

The deadline to register Exhibit staff members is November 27, 2023 (two weeks before the start of the Conference).

If you have more than the allotted 3 staff members, additional staff member exhibit hall only badges can be purchased by the Exhibit POC for $500 each.

If you need to cancel a staff member registration or update info to one that has already been submitted, you can email .

It can take up to 5 business days for staff members to be processed once they are submitted. If you still don’t see the name(s) after 5 days, please email .

This may be because the names you have submitted as staff members have not yet been processed. Wait until these names show up under your login, and then you will be able to select a POC.

Exhibit staff may join any meal function held inside the Exhibit Hall. If your staff member is registered as a conference attendee, they will automatically be allowed in the lunches.

Anything you may need for your booth is coordinated by Steele Tradeshow Services. All order forms are located within the Boomer Commerce website. Emails to access the Boomer Commerce website are sent to exhibit POC’s. If you need assistance, with the Boomer Commerce website please contact Rico Ibanez by email or by phone at 760-659-5053.

Steele Tradeshow will coordinate all shipping for this show. This information is listed within the Boomer Commerce website. If you need assistance, please contact Rico Ibanez by email or by phone at 760-659-5053.

There will be sponsored WiFi access available for Attendees and Exhibitors. You will need to purchase internet for your booth if you need access for demonstrations.

A variety of sponsorship packages are available at the show to maximize your exposure at the event. For a full listing of sponsorship packages and details, visit the webpage. Questions may be directed to .