Army ManTech Focus Investment Area

3:30p - 5:00p Tuesday, December 5

The Army ManTech Program mission is to provide affordable and timely manufacturing solutions that address the highest priority needs of the Army. The Army ManTech strategy focuses on developing manufacturing processes that are necessary to more efficiently develop and maintain Army systems. The Army goals are to balance current and future technology demands by providing new manufacturing technologies to address affordability, producibility and manufacturability of upgrades and modernization of systems in the current force and enable new capabilities in the future force.

The Army modernization priorities include:
  • Long Range Precision Fires
  • Next Generation Combat Vehicle
  • Future Vertical Lift
  • Network
  • Air and Missile Defense
  • Soldier Lethality

The Army S&T enterprise is a critical resource for developing enabling concepts and technologies to make the Army more lethal, expeditionary and agile. The outcome is increased capability for conducting the full range of operations while maintaining technological overmatch now and in the future.

The Army ManTech Program Office breakout session at DMC 2017 will consist of a brief overview of the Army ManTech program strategy followed by one-on-one meetings with industry and government technical leads to discuss industry inputs. Army ManTech subject matter experts will be on hand representing Army Research and Development (R&D) and Acquisition organizations participating in the program.

Contact: To pre-arrange one-on-one meeting with a government ManTech subject matter expert at this session, or to ask questions about the program or this DMC session, please respond to: One-on-one meetings will be pre-scheduled, either in advance of DMC, at the Army ManTech booth (612) prior to this session, or scheduled, as available, during this DMC session.

Information on the Army ManTech Program can be located at:

Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation for proposals.