Call for Abstracts - General Rules

  • Please ensure that your management has approved your participation in the conference before submitting an abstract. (Approval of travel costs and registration fees. Registration fees will be posted and online registration will open in the Fall. Registration fees will not be higher than $945 for full registration.)
  • Abstracts should include a concise description of the content, conclusions, and significance of the proposed presentation. If the author has presented similar information at previous conferences, then the abstract should clearly state what new results or information will be presented.
    • Please limit the abstract to approximately 200-500 words and do not include the abstract title, authors, or any other information other than the abstract in the area labeled "Abstract" on the online submission form.

Presentation Selection

  • If your abstract is selected for presentation at DMC 2020, you will be requested to submit presentation materials to UTC in electronic format no later than November 18, 2020. Upon acceptance of your abstract, specific instructions for technical preparation will be provided. PLEASE NOTE: Only one author can be identified as the presenter and make the presentation.

Requirements if Your Presentation is Selected

  • 50-100 word biography
  • Presentation received by Due Date
  • Presentation for loading onto session computers
  • Each presenter must not exceed 30 minutes (including Q&A time).
  • Presentations that are accepted must participate at the time scheduled by the Symposium Committee.
  • If your abstract is selected and you accept, you will be considered as an attending participant to the conference and will be required to pay the full attendee registration. There are too many speakers associated with this conference to waive fees or offer discounted fees and still be a viable conference. Please make note of this when submitting your abstract.

Each Technical Session Room will be equipped with the following audio-visual devices:

  • LCD Projector
  • Computer with PowerPoint installed
  • Projection Screen
  • Microphone

Critical Deadlines

Abstract Submission July 31
Abstract Notification Sept 9
Final Presentation Submitted Nov 18

Online Submission

Abstracts will open Summer 2020